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Keith Summer was a regular college student. He attended classes, took part in social outings and even had a part-time job. He maintained pretty solid control over his school assignments for the first two years of his college career; then, junior year rolled around. This was the year he enrolled in several required classes for his major, but didn’t anticipate the workload that came with them. His only chance for academic survival was to count on Here’s the story of what happed with Keith when he unwillingly, yet desperately came to for aid.

Keith: “ I was taking several courses I wasn’t really familiar with my junior year. Most of them were just requirements, because my liberal arts degree needed them. I’d never asked anyone to write my essays before, but soon I found I had no choice. Three of my classes – a science lab, a history course and a Renaissance literature class – were driving me insane. I needed someone to help my write my essay for Renaissance literature because I was completely ignorant about the subject; I also needed someone to write my essay for the science lab. It was on mitosis, or meiosis – I can never remember which is which! The point is, I was in trouble. I had all these essays due and no idea what to write for any of them. I had nowhere else to turn.

“The other issue plaguing me was a lack of funds. I knew would write my essay for me, but I didn’t know what the cost would be. I had a part-time job at a grocery store, but it was minimum wage and barely paid for food, let alone excess essay needs. Yeah, I needed someone to write my essay for me, but I also needed someone to write my essay cheap. I didn’t have an option. I was the epitome of poor college student, and even though I knew was my last hope, I avoided it for a long time. It wasn’t until I was days away from my due dates and still staring at blank pages that I gave in. I finally contacted 24/7 service department and let them know my situation. It turned out to be the best decision I made that year!

“ Now, it would’ve been nicer if they had decided to write my essay for free – but I understand, it is a business. I’m not complaining, though. They gave me a great discount and hooked me up with an amazing, talented writer. I even got to keep an eye on the progress of the essays as they took shape in my writer’s hands. I left the science one up to her, though – I’m not much of a science nut; my major was actually in business! I got my essays back fast and the work was out of this world. Reading those essays (that were in my name!) actually made me feel as though I understood the subject! In the end, I got great grades and didn’t have to break the bank. If I ever need someone to write my essays again, I’ll definitely look to!”

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