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How do you get your book at the top of New York Times #1 best sellers? How do you take that riveting novel, captivating autobiography or thoughtful business book from the back of the shelf to the front? Writers everywhere dream about their book hitting it big on the literary scene – walking into bookstores and coffee shops, listening to complete strangers prattle on about their book. Such a dream is completely understandable for any writer, no matter the content or style; but for very few does it become a reality. The truth is, great books fail every day in the world market. Certain aspects come in to play when this happens. Popular trends, audience, and marketability are all key factors; however, one factor seems to rise above the rest. The books that have sold the best on the world market all have on critical thing in common: they were edited by the best in the business.

An editor is crucial to literary success. A book editing service will catch miniscule errors and help better organize a text to become extremely reader-friendly. Aspiring writers, however, don’t always have the funds to hire a high-quality editor – and trust us; these editors can get pretty expensive. When new writers are in this position, they often think they don’t need a book editing service. This is an extremely dangerous thought! Books are almost 100% more likely to fail if an editor hasn’t reviewed them. Don’t think you can do it yourself – you’re too close to the writing, and you need a new set of eyes to review the story you’ve crafted. The number one mistake of all new writers is to overlook the editing stage of book writing. Whether due to expense or overconfidence, writers are often guilty of skipping editing; don’t joint their ranks!

Instead of stressing over how to pay an expensive editor or ignoring this step altogether, try one of those book editing services that doesn’t send you into the poorhouse – try! At, we have a whole new department specifically made to focus on book editing. We don’t just hire any old editor that walks in the door, either. We have specific requirements (including college education and past experience in editing) that determine whether an aspiring editor can join our ranks. Even after they’ve managed to get in, they still have to undergo rigorous training and continual testing to ensure they aren’t slipping.

With such high standards for our writers, it’s no wonder is ranked top amongst internet book editing services. You haven’t even heard the best part, though – we provide excellent editing services at a price that’s reasonable for anyone under any budget! Our prices are so low at that even the poorest, most starving literary artists can afford our help. With great service available at a reasonable price, there’s no reason new writers shouldn’t use as an editing resource. If you want to see your book at the top of the New York best seller’s list, just come to – we’ll help your book soar to new heights!

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